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Biker Chic

28 Oct

The one item I always look forward to busting out of the closet every fall is my leather jacket! I wear that thing like it’s going out of style (best $40 I’ve ever spent at F21). It’s a timeless piece that makes a great addition to any Fall outfit so don’t be afraid to invest in a good one. Trust me, it’ll be worth your while! You can pair it with any outfit for an instant bad-ass look whether you’re running around during the day, out with the girls, or in between seasons.

The easiest way to rock this trend is with a simple white tee (striped if you’re like me… can’t have enough stripes!) and some skinnies. I love the ribbed skinnies because they add an even louder statement. Add studded loafers and some shades and all you’re missing is a bike!


I love this look for going out, or even NYE! The sequin dress paired with the leather jacket adds a statement to even the girliest outfit.

Night Out

The biker trend doesn’t stop at just moto jackets. Pair this season’s peplum top with leather leggings for an instant edgy look.

Biker Chic

DIY $30 Headboard

25 Oct

I have been pinning things for the home lately and came across a plethora of leather or tufted headboards. After spending multiple hours online, I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to be able to afford a $400 headboard! Here’s a few that I love:

So I decided to look up a few tutorials. I got the gist of how to put it together, but I didn’t want to use wood for the baseboard just yet, I wanted to give it a practice run. So I went to Hobby Lobby and shopped around until I found a large, X white foam board.

Yup, the boards you use in school or office presentations! It was around $9.99 and I thought why not? I couldn’t pass it up! I wandered over to the fabric section and found a black leather material, which is exactly what I was looking for. I cut a little over a yard of fabric so I would have a couple inches left over for the back. Plus it only cost around $7.99! I get home all excited to put it together…. and I forget the stuffing for it! So I take a little trip to JoAnn’s and find a large roll of batting, used for quilts, for $9.99! It looks a little like this…

It was a large roll but I used the whole thing so that the headboard was nice and fluffy. All I did was cut the length of the board and stack them all on top of each other. Once the batting was placed down, I placed the leather over it and then flipped it face down. It may sound weird, but I ended up stapling the leather to the board! Since it’s foam, the staples aren’t that secure. There’s probably a more logical way to do this but it was a trial! Now that I know how to do it, someday I’ll make a wooden one, I just have to figure out how to make the tufts! Until then, I can deal with this!

Spiderman Cake

25 Oct

(The cake inside is BLUE!)

My inspiration for this cake came from this handsome man…

I made it for my nephew’s 4th birthday. He loves Spiderman so much. Like a lot. So I decided to try making him a free handed cake rather than buying the Spiderman cake tin.

Sorry I don’t have step-by-step pictures of the cake but it was super simple to make. I was a little pressed for time so I had to cave and use a boxed cake. I filled a 3 qt. pan with all the cake batter and baked according to the directions on the box. After the cake was done cooling, I wrapped it in plastic wrap and then put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes so I would be able to carve the shape of the face without crumbs going everywhere.

After you get the shape you want for the face, cover it in layer of buttercream. I used a very thin layer of Duff fondant to cover the cake because I really wanted that red Spiderman color. Whenever I try to make red buttercream it comes out pink so I didn’t want to take any chances, however if you don’t like fondant, just use buttercream instead. Then I cut out the shape of the eyes using black and white fondant. After those were made, I used black buttercream to create the webs across the face while looking at a picture of Spiderman so I could make it look as close as possible. Add a little bit of buttercream to the eyes to act as glue to keep them together, then attach them to the cake. I think I could have made the shape a lot better, but I’m by no means a professional! What do you think?

DIY Bedazzled Bottle

24 Oct

Nothing says party more than a big, bedazzled bottle of liquor! For my friends 21st birthday I surprised her with this bottle and she loved it! It’s such a fun gift and would be perfect for birthdays, bachelorette parties or just because.

Sock Bun

24 Oct

Buns are no longer just for ballerinas! My newest obsession: the sock bun. It takes less than 5 minutes, and after you take it out you’re left with beautiful curls (especially if you sleep in it)! It’s great for when you don’t have time to do your hair, or when you want to look polished and put together. There’s something so chic and sophisticated with these buns. For me, the bigger and messier, the better!

Love the Braid!

If you don’t want to use a sock, I’ve been using this great foam ring from H&M and it works great. It comes in 3 colors so you’re sure to find one to match your hair color. Once the bun is in, I like to pull on the sides to make it bigger and fuller but if you like a tighter bun just leave it.

Here’s a great visual tutorial:

And if that doesn’t help, check out this video!

Halloween Treats

19 Oct

I love Halloween because there are so many goodies to make but so little time! I’ve found many recipes I’d love to try out this year other than my typical cut-outs and I can’t wait to find some time to make them!

Cut-outs are very time consuming, but they’re so pretty when they’re done! I’ve found a new trick to use when decorating cookies: a squeeze bottle. You can pick them up at a local craft store like Michaels for around $2. Piping bags are good to use too, but with the squeeze bottle you can set it down and not have to worry about the icing spilling out. Now I haven’t made any yet this year so here are my cut-outs from last year.


I like to use royal icing when I decorate my cookies. The icing hardens sort of fast so you have to work quickly when outlining and flooding. Here’s the recipe I use for royal icing. As far as the cookie recipe, I found this great blog called The Hungry Housewife. She’s amazing and I got most of my cookie inspiration from her. For her tips and recipe on cut-outs click here.

Here are some recipes I can’t wait to try. I’ll have some tutorials up soon once I make them!


My Deilght Cupcakery




Martha Stewart



Witches Fingers


Black Cat Paw Cookies

What will you be making for Halloween?




19 Oct

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, mostly for all things pumpkin and for fashion. This season we’re seeing a lot of leather, chunky knits, embellished collars and peplum! These trends are all wearable and fun to mix and match with each other. Here are some of my favorite looks for Fall 2012:


I’ve been lusting over these for quite a while. I love adding a pair to a simple top (peplum would look great!). It adds instant drama to any outfit and really pulls your look together.


There’s nothing more cozy than big, chunky knits on a cold fall day. The bigger the better!

Add a pumpkin spice latte and I’m ready to go!


I  love the embellished collars trend this season and just purchased my first one! There’s so many different styles from sequins to studs and spikes. You can dress them up with a pair of leather leggings or a skirt or play it casual with a pair of skinnies.

Love this jacket! Two trends in one (leather + studs)


Named the most wearable trend of the spring season, it’s no wonder it made its way to fall. Great for most body types, it can help to hide your belly, but ifyou’re going to wear it keep it tight. The extra fabric can both help you and hurt you if the fit isn’t right. Leave the accessories at home for a simple, pulled together look. Don’t limit yourself to just dresses and skirts. Pants go great with a nice peplum top too!

Elizabeth and James

Which trend is your favorite for fall?