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DIY Ornament Tree

19 Nov

It’s that time of year again! Thanks to Pinterest and the secret boards I went crazy pinning all these craft ideas for Christmas and couldn’t wait to try them out! I decided to go with what seemed to be the quickest to make (my school work load has sky rocketed!) and the ornament tree was pretty easy. All you need is a styrofoam cone, ornaments (I grabbed a ton from the dollar store, 3 different sizes), a glue gun and some garland (also from the dollar store). I also found these cute ribbon ornaments from the dollar store that I glued on the front of the tree. The dollar store has a ton of cute Christmas nick nacks so get creative and see what you can do with them!

Styrofoam Cone

Dollar Store Ornaments

First things first, remove the tops on the ornaments. You’ll be gluing the tips to the cone so you don’t need them. Once that’s all done you can start gluing ornaments from the bottom and work your way up. I wanted the same ornaments to be lined up diagonally so it wrapped around the tree nicely, but you can line them up however you want.

It’s easier if you start with a couple on the bottom, like 3-4, and then stack them on top of those to start the diagonal line. As you work your way up the cone begin to use smaller ornaments. I bought 3 different sizes. The ones in the picture are the largest ones I used.

Once you finish putting all the ornaments on, you’ll notice there’s a bunch of open spaces and it just doesn’t look good. Easy fix! While you’re at the dollar store, pick up a strand of garland. Cut it into pieces and glue between the spaces.

Super easy and adorable! More Christmas goodies to come so check back soon!

Wine Lips

15 Nov

Red lips has had its moment for the past few seasons and I love it! But this fall we’ve seen another lip color rocking the runway: WINE! Wine colors are a great way to make a statement for fall and holiday parties, so drink up! The colors look great on a variety of skin tones and it’s actually really easy to wear. They come in mattes, stains and glosses so you’re sure to find the best fit for you. If you’re nervous you won’t be able to pull the look off… don’t be! Just keep the rest of your makeup clean. Winged eyeliner and mascara would do or even a nude/shimmer shadow.

For fair skinned blondes, take a cue from Emma Stone. She kept her eyes fresh and her lips really popped.


For light skinned brunettes, take a cue from Lily Collins. She pulls her look together beautifully with long lashes and a shimmery shadow.

If you’re feeling daring, you can go even darker like Camille Belle.

There really isn’t a perfect way to find your shade, you just have to experiment until you find it! ┬áIf you’re still a little nervous to try this bold statement, start with a stain or drink a few glasses of wine haha! You’ll get used to the look, then you can move up to either a matte or gloss. Find what works best for you and your skin tone.

21st Birthday

6 Nov

When it comes to someone turning 21, gifting alcohol is obviously a must. But it doesn’t have to be a boring bottle of wine or liquor (unless it’s bedazzled!) Try something fun and creative. I made this birthday basket for my friend’s 21st birthday and she loved it! It’s almost like a flower pot that grows liquor (I WISH!) ­čśÇ

I found this cute crown thing (not too sure what it’s supposed to be used for) at TJ Maxx and thought it’d be perfect for this. I bought one of those styrofoam balls from Michael’s and sprayed the top of it with spray glue, then rolled it in glitter (It gets a little messy so I did it outside). Take a pack of wooden dowels and cover them in pipe cleaners, leaving about an inch or so at the bottom. Take a pipe cleaner and tie a knot around the neck of the bottle, then wrap the rest around the dowel. Once all the bottles are attached, stick them into the ball however you’d like. I placed mine at different heights so that some were hanging more than others.

To go along with this birthday basket, I also made a hangover kit for her! What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t? It’s just a silly thing to give, but it definitely comes in handy the next day. ┬áI went to the dollar store and got a purple bucket to put everything in. I gathered all the necessities and then some for the day after partying:






Honey Wheat Pretzels (her favorite)


Reeses PB Cups


Wrap it up nicely and ta-da! Trust me, they’ll thank you for it the next day. I wish I had one for after my bday!

Carrie Underwood CMA Awards

5 Nov

Hands down this night went to Carrie Underwood! She hosted the CMA Awards for the fifth time with Brad Paisley and the two of them are just hysterical. Aside from her comedic performances, Carrie stole the show with her 12 wardrobe changes throughout the night! She definitely kept us entertained and looking forward to what she would walk out wearing next! To start off the night Carrie rocked the red carpet with this beautiful ivory chiffon Reem Acra gown with metallic leaf details from their Spring 2013 collection. One of my favorites of the night!

Another one of my favorites was this sparkly black and gold number from Edition by Georges Chakra. Her peep-toe ankle booties added a rocker feel. When you have legs like hers you have to show them off and this short mini did its job!

Keeping with the sparkles, Carrie shined brightly in this adorable, girly Alice + Olivia sequin flare dress.

Next she covered up in this long-sleeved number by Jovani which was of course…covered in sequins!

I may have lied about my favorite…Although it’s hard to decide! But this black┬áInes Di Santo one-shoulder gown is a show stopper! I about died when she came out in this. It’s such a beautiful gown and the thigh-high slit adds to the WOW factor!

Here’s the rest of her dresses.

Her last dress was worn during her performance of “Blown Away”. This beautiful gunmetal gray gown by Tsemay has it all: sparkles, embellishments, chiffon and a short skirt to yet again show off those gams!

The girl can do no wrong.