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Hockey Jersey Cake

24 Jan

First of all… HOCKEY IS FINALLY BACK! YAY!! My Sabres are off to a great start, 2-0!


Anyways, it was my Brother-in-Law’s birthday the other day and being the hockey fans that we are, I figured I’d put my baking “skills” to the test and make a hockey jersey cake for his birthday and to welcome back hockey! I googled and googled and after a while I was feeling pretty good about being able to pull it off. Here’s a couple I found where I could just use a 9X13″ pan without buying one of those t-shirt pans (I don’t like buying things I’ll only use once).


Leafs Jersey

And here’s the finished product:


Being a Sabres fan, it pained me to make this particular cake… BUT it’s his favorite team/player so I figured I could bite my tongue just this once and suffer through it 😛 .